Invoice Finance

Is your working capital strained and your bank won’t assist because you do not have available property security or your business is in the growth stage and you need access to cash-flow now to meet your current and future sales orders then Debtor or Invoice Finance could be for you.

Invoice Finance is a great finance option that lets you access up to 80% of the value of most invoices effectively converting your invoices into cash within 24 hours from when they are raised. Normally these funds can be utilised to fund your business growth or any other worthwhile business purpose. The main advantages of invoice finance include no property security is required and the ability to access your funds online as you need them. In most circumstances you still remain in full control of collecting your invoices and dealing with your debtors.

With access to a number of specialist invoice finance lenders your Professional Finance Brokers business consultant can research and find the right invoice finance product solution that meets your needs.

So if you think invoice finance may meet your needs and you would like more information give us a call on (07) 33499044 or contact us now.