Non Conforming Loans

Has your lender said no because you have a credit default, maybe because the property you are looking to buy does not meet their borrowing criteria, you are self employed and are unable to provide sufficient financial information, are a non resident or are struggling to save a deposit to meet your lenders normal borrowing criteria? If any of these circumstances are applicable to you then a Non Conforming Loan may meet your individual circumstances.

Non Conforming Loans represent specific product solutions for borrowers who fail to meet their mainstream lenders borrowing criteria. Whilst these types of loans can provide an opportunity to reestablish your credit rating or meet your current needs they normally attract a higher interest rate than standard loans to reflect the higher level of risk to be taken by the lender.

At Professional Finance Brokers our home loan specialists have access to many different non conforming lenders who all have different borrowing criteria and can assist you tailor specific financial solutions to meet your needs.

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