Construction and Development Finance

Construction and Property Development Finance is a specialised area and the financial requirements for a residential or commercial loan construction project or land sub division differ significantly to your standard home or business loan.

At Professional Finance Brokers our specialist business consultants understand construction and property development finance is not entirely straight forward and can assist tailor a complete financial package to assist with the following;

  • Residential developments from a small residential unit development all the way to a multi-million dollar residential high rise project.
  • Commercial or Industrial property development and construction including specialised assets such as shopping centre’s, aged care facilities, service stations and hotels or motels.
  • Residential or Industrial land sub-divisions

In today’s market lenders are more selective in financing development projects that represent perceived higher levels of risk and with access to a comprehensive panel of lenders our business consultants can help you source and select the right lender including structuring proposals based on a full understanding of the issues faced by you whilst mitigating the lenders credit risk to ensure you have the flexibility in your finance arrangements to meet your needs.

Our business finance specialists also have access to private lenders that offer mezzanine funding and equity participation options that can be considered as part of any tailored finance solution.

So if you are looking for property construction or development finance and would like to speak to one of our business finance specialist call us on (07) 3349 9044 or contact us now.