Line of Credit Loans

Are you financially responsible and are looking for a fully flexible financial solution that provides you with access to your equity for any worthwhile purpose such as that well earned holiday, purchase a car or undertake that investment strategy then a Line of Credit or Equity Loan maybe for you.

A Line of Credit is a fully flexible finance product where the lender provides you with an agreed revolving credit limit from which you can access cash when you need it. One of the main advantages of a Line of Credit is that you do not have a fixed monthly repayment as long as you remain within your agreed credit limit however with some lenders you must at least deposit sufficient funds to cover monthly interest costs.

Whilst Line of Credit facilities normally have a slightly higher interest rate and may not suit everyone, used correctly a Line of Credit could help you pay your loan of sooner through strong financial management.

At Professional Finance Brokers our home loan specialists can assist structure the right Line of Credit product solution to reflect your individual circumstances. So if you think a Line of Credit product maybe for you give one of our home loan specialists a call on (07) 3349 9044 or contact us now.